"There is one word I use for Jeff - Healer.  I discovered Jeff through a corporate chain spa around 6 years ago, and he's been my healer since.  He always respected my needs about specific techniques for different areas, with the ultimate goal of making me leave the clinic with more flexibility every single time.  He's not just a healer anymore, but also a very good and trusted friend.  We have deep, meaningful conversations, thus making me feel uplifted in addition to pain-free.  I would recommend Jeff in  heartbeat!

~Rachelle McCloud


 Alyssa Palmer




"The service I received from Jeff was second to none. It was personable, professional and worth every penny.  My body has been reset!"  

~ Alyssa Palmer - Singer

Michael Goekner

"Jeff has been a loyal therapist to my family and myself for years.  The home visits make it convenient for my hectic schedule and my back pain is a thing of the past.
I highly recommend Jeff Lilliquist."

~Michael Goekner - Salesforce/Consultant - Partner Marketing

Dr. Christi Closson, OD

"There is no better massage therapist than Jeff.  He is positively the best.  He combines his amazing knowledge of anatomy with his powerful intuitive understanding of what your body needs.  I have seen Jeff for years.  He knows exactly what to target to keep me moving and feeling great.  He is sensitive, caring, empathetic, professional and his hands are like magic!  I always leave my massage feeling completely revitalized in my body, mind and soul."

~Dr. Christi Closson, OD
Owner, Synergy Eye, LLC
Director, Lion's Low Vision Clinic at Pacific University College of Optometry

Stephanie Breeden

"Oh my!  Had a two hour massage and I am jelly.  My therapist, Jeff Lilliquist is the best!!!  Thank you!  Friends, he does home visits and is a super guy and excellent at his job.  I've been seeing him for a year now through my emotional pain and now, squash pain.'

~Stephanie Breeden - Worked at Bonneville Power Administration

Reno Bagri

"My ailing shoulder received some TLC from the best massage therapist in Portland---Jeff Lilliquist!!!  I was more exhausted from my massage than my 16 mile run this past weekend!  Thank you for the pain (and healing).  Btw, I did have that slice of pizza to replenish my body post massage!"

~Reno Bagri
Region Service Manager at Philips Healthcare

Julie McIntire

"Jeff is a Godsend!  With the craziness of life I definately needed a massage and Jeff was able to make my body relax and feel back to normal once again.  The convenience of having him come to my home as time is limited is beyond helpful.  Thank you Jeff!!!

~Julie McIntire - Sr. Administrative Assistant @ Nike


Kristen Knittle Titko

"Jeff is a wonderful therapist.  I've had many massages over the years and I truly appreciate Jeff's knowledge on anatomy.  He really takes time to listen to his patients/clients and targets troubled areas.  I wish I could have weekly appointments."

~Kristen Knittle Titko
Owner:  Shevolved - 2011 to present
Empowerment through movement




Maurice Greene


"Hands down...the best focused therapy I've ever had from a medical team therapist!

Thanks Jeff!

~ Maurice Greene... US Olympic Athlete - 2003 Adidas Oregon Track Classic




Renee Enos


"As an aspiring figure competitor, I often find myself sore and out of whack following a week in the gym. Muscles ache, cramps and strain are some of the things I am all to familiar with. After I found Jeff and started to get massages, I was able to recover more quickly, and also found that getting myself into top shape for competing was easier. He combines an innate sense of healing touch with an inquisitiveness that leads to a rewarding massage - one that not only addresses areas of the body obviously needing work, but also touches on the mind-body connection."

~ Renee Enos - San Antonio, TX

Heather Forsberg

Enshinkai Martial Arts & Fitness

Martial Arts Instructor / Pilates Instructor / Cross-Fit Trainer


I have been an athlete for most of my life. For the past 11 years I have been an avid Martial Artist and Pilates practitioner, and I have spent the last year taking my fitness to the next level with Crossfit.

I have always needed good massage, however, finding a good massage therapist has been a challenge. I was lucky enough to meet Jeff a few years ago, and was more than pleasantly surprised at his skill and depth of knowledge and understanding of the body, especially an athletic body.
Over all my years of training and multiple injuries I’ve seen numerous massage therapists, physical therapists, and doctors. Most of these professionals couldn’t compare with Jeff’s skill and his understanding of the athletic body.
From regular massage with Jeff, I am able to move much more freely and easily through all of the activities that I love to do."

Thank you Jeff!

~ Heather Forsberg- Enshinkai Martial Atrs & Fitness
Martial Arts Instructor ~ Pilates Instructor

Casin Powell

"The man with the magic hands!  Being extremely clumsy, I've hurt myself many times throughout my lifetime.  My latest fall was down some stairs on my back.  Walking, sitting, and sleeping were nearly impossible.  After just two sessions with Jeff , my range of motion has increased and my pain has drastically decreased and it's a lot easier for me to get comfortable.  Jeff provides a true professional experience and is a joy to be around!"

~ Casin Powell - Securitas / Security - Intel RA3

Roxy Lopez

"I work with toddlers and I do boxing for fitness so a lot of my stress and aches go to my upper back. I am SO happy I met Jeff and started getting massage therapy. He is highly experienced and every time I get a massage I feel amazing and happy that I know he worked on target muscles that trigger my aches. I still to this day cannot find another therapist that can compare. I am and will continue to be Jeff's loyal client.

~Roxy Lopez -Teacher for the Goddard School - Portland NW

Katrina Shogren

" I have been going to Jeff for almost 2 years now and have seen consistent improvements with my back. I was in a car accident at a young age which caused a lot of tension in my neck making me have bad migraines. Since going to Jeff, I have had less to no more headaches and I am incredibly thankful. He not only has helped with my healing process, but he is a great person to talk to as well. I consider him more than a massage therapist but a true friend. Thank you, Jeff.

~Katrina Shogren

Diane Lynn Engelhard

"Jeff Lilliquist is hands down (pardon the pun) the best massage therapist ever!  No other therapist that I have gone to can compare.  He is extremely talented and I wouldn't have accomplished my goal of running a marathon without him.  He has taken care of me and my family for years and we consider him a good friend.  His positive attitude is contagious and I feel great inside and out after a session with him."

~Diane Lynn Engelhard


"Wooot!!  Those of us who have known and seen Jeff professionally already know he's worth every penny, but for those people looking for a fabulous LMT in the Portland area, I can't recommend Jeff enough.  And his space at the Rose Springs is absolutely dreamy!

~Shannon Shanks

"I highly recommend Jeff  and wish that he could have followed me to Austin when I moved earlier this year.  His physical touch help eliminate soreness from travel, sitting at my desk, and frequent yoga classes and his emotional touch helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  Jeff, can't you open an office in Austin?  It's a great city!

~Sue Richards

"I've had a challenged spine and back situation since surgery in my 20's. Jeff has worked with me to enhance range of motion and helped with strengthening and stabilization. He's been very encouraging and informative so that for the first time in years I'm able to do most any normal activity without discomfort or later consequences of pain."

~ Alison - client for over 4 years

"I often have minor injuries or tight muscles from sports or physical work on weekends. Of all the massages I've tried Jeff has been the best at finding the spots that need work and targeting them successfully to get me back to active. He's very good at listening and adjusting to my specific issues."

~ Marvin - client for 2 years

"Jeff was recommended to me by the director and physical therapist of the physical therapy office I go to. Prior to my first visit with Jeff, I had not had any previous experience with a massage therapist in a private setting. Jeff explained deep tissue massage and the benefits of it and together we agreed on a treatment plan. He has been professional in his approach and set me at ease at our first meeting. He has helped me with overall upper and low back pain and is currently working with me on a cervical spine and nerve issue.

Jeff has taught me a lot about muscles/nerves working together. This knowledge has been instrumental in helping me help myself between visits. The results of lower back massages are that I have not had to use my lumbar traction unit for several months."

~ Muriel - client for 2 years

"I was referred to Jeff by a co-worker. I came to him with multiple joint and and back problems. He took the time to listen to my issues and then discuss them with me from both a technical and layman's viewpoint. His approach to treatment impressed me and the results were phenomenal.

In short, Jeff is the best therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working on me. He listens and takes positive action. He is extremely knowledgeable concerning human anatomy and at the same time sincerely interested in helping relieve pain."

~ Ronald - client for 3 years

"The first massage I ever had was with Jeff. I didn't know what to do - he put me at ease and my relaxation started before he even laid his hands on me. Then, once he started, well, it was pure luxury. Jeff knows that every time I come to Oregon, the first thing I want to do is schedule a massage with him."

~ Joanne - client for 5 years

Jeff is an extremely talented massage therapist both within massage therapy and his knowledge of the human body and how everything is connected. He was able to isolate areas that were not in pain, but were the root cause of the pain...reflexive pain. I would never have realized the connection to the area he work and how it was directly related to my pain.

~ Michelle M. - client for 2 years

I love going to Jeff. He's very good at what he does. He is hands down the best therapist I have ever seen!

~ Alison - client for 1 year