On-site Corporate Massage



On-site therapeutic massage is ideal for your place of business.  This is a wonderful perk for those who make your business thrive.

Establish with me a regular, set visit schedule for the office staff. Provide a small space like the employee break room or a conference room where I can set-up my therapy chair or table or both.

On-site massage is ideal for both chair or table as your staff remain fully clothed and have the option of receiving therapy in a seated position or in lying comfortably on a padded table allowing them to take a load off their feet and spine.

The session times vary depending on need, the number of staff to receive therapy and the time frame contracted for.  Generally, a session will last for 15-20 minutes.  Issues that may be addressed range from chronic pain from past injury to those stiff, sore necks, backs, hips, arms and hands from the daily tasked of the work place.

Every profession comes with ergonomic challenges to the body. Frequent and regular massage will dramatically assist in reducing repetitive stress, strain and injury in the work place.  This translates into less time loss due to stress and injury and improves not only attendance, but productivity and a much healthier bottom line.

The Goddard School of NW Portland, Oregon has retained my services in this manner since 2004 with bi-monthly visits.  The teaching staff there work with infants and children from 6 months to 6 years old.  Contact Cindy Smith, owner of the Goddard School at 503-617-9040 and ask her why I have continued with them for all these years.

The results of short, targeted sessions on a regular basis speak for themselves!

This is a service that can be retained for large company events, trade shows, conventions and trade fairs as well.

Call today to schedule you first On-site Corporate Massage Day for your valued staff and employees!


(Chair Only)

75.00 per hour


125.00 per hour

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