Out-Call Session Policy / See policy for RoseSprings on: " Hours and Rates" page


New clients must fill out an initial health history intake form before massage service can be given.  The new client must not have any medical or emotional condition that would contraindicate massage.  Certain contraindications will require a "Release to Treat" form from their medical doctor.  This information must be updated every six months or as your medical status changes.  The Health Information Intake Form is confidential.

Payment for massage is due prior to the start of the session.

Forms of payment excepted are cash or personal check.

There will be an NSF charge of $40.00 on personal checks returned by the bank.

There will be a full charge for "No Show" appointments or last minute cancellation.  A 24 hour cancellation notice is required if you are unable to keep your scheduled time.  This will apply to both Out-call and Studio sessions.

If you arrive late to your appointment, you may still be able to receive your session.  You will receive the time remaining on your originally scheduled appointment, but will be charged for the full amount of time the appointment was originally for.

Packages and gift certificates purchased are non-refundable.  However, they can be transferred to someone else. 

Packages and gift certificates must be redeemed for the time and service specified. There is no expiration date to package or gift certificate purchases. 

The therapist can deny service or end the session for any of the following reasons:

~ The client arrives for their appointment with the flu or cold or presenting 
with any condition that would either present a health problem to the
therapist or the client.

~ The client's health history has changed since their last visit, now 
requiring a medical doctor's release to treat.

~ The client becomes ill, i.e., develops a headache suddenly, becomes 
dizzy or faint, speech becomes slurred, client becomes confused or 
disoriented, complains of pain in the chest or shortness of breath, or
for any other reason that would contraindicate continuing the massage.

~ The client arrives for their appointment showing visual signs of
intoxication or drug abuse.

~ The client makes inappropriate sexual or verbal advances or becomes
violent in any way.  You have come for therapeutic massage only. 
Please show your therapist the respect he deserves as a professional
in his field.

~ If the therapist is unable to continue the session due to illness on his 
part, you will be rescheduled at no additional charge.