Hours & Rates


 Payment by cash or personal check only


Session times are for the full time listed


This is from the scheduled time your session begins until the scheduled end time of the session.

I allow you 10 minutes from the time I leave the room at the end of session until you are off the table so you may rest quietly for a few moments. 



Late Show Policy

If you arrive late to your scheduled appointment time, you will only be taken to the originally scheduled ending time.


No Call/No Show Policy

Please give a 24 hour notice of cancellation if you are unable to keep you appointment  


If you need to cancel last minute due to an emergency, I will waive charging you.  You will be allowed 1 waiver per calendar year.


Standard Session Rates for Out-Call


For appointments call:  503-502-6738


Integrated Sessions  Include


Deep Tissue  

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

Positional Release Therapy


(Integrated Session)

60 minute            110.00

90 minute           145.00

120 minute          175.00

(Swedish Only)

60 minute          90.00
90 minute          110.00
120 minute        155.00


Package Rate for Out-Call   

Purchase 6 sessions and receive 20% off

Purchase 3 sessions and receive 10% off


Out-call Rates for late night sessions between 11 PM & 5 AM 

are double the standard rates listed above 





Rates for Reiki Out-call Home Therapy Sessions

90 minute          110.00
        120 minute          155.00          



Contract Travel Service

Rates are based by Day, Week, Month and total Hands-on time per/24 hrs.

Additional factors for rates are:

Travel Conditions, i.e., Air Fares including baggage and therapy equipment

additional fees, Lodging, Food, etc.


Call me to discuss rates based on your needs





Out-Call Reiki Sessions Availability


Sunday Noon - 6 PM

Monday 11 AM - 4 PM

11 AM - 4 PM
Wednesday 11 AM - 4 PM

Thursday Noon - 6 PM

Friday Noon - 6 PM
Saturday Noon - 6 PM