Earth Rising-Therapeutic Massage and Reiki in the Wilderness



Welcome to EarthRising - Therapeutic Massage & Reiki in the Wilderness.
Jeff Lilliquist, LMT, MAT

It is my wish to expand my current private massage therapy and bodywork practice to offer these services in the setting of remote wilderness locations. This would provide the unique opportunity in a setting like none before, blending my love for nature and remote destinations with the energetic magic that resonates so vividly in places untouched by the human footprint. For those longing to reconnect with the earth, I offer that possibility in a way most have never known! 

The passion for the work I do is calling me to a new frontier! I believe the capability to provide for those seeking a return to things lost, is vital in assisting not only myself to greater levels of awareness for our planet, but to those who envision the very same thing. 
Recently, it was suggested to me that I write a book, sharing my views and passion for affecting a change in the world. This idea has merit. First, I should like to provide a hands-on reality to that which has been within our reach all along. The book may yet follow, as once EarthRising has launched, there would be a great deal to share in experiences realized through the adventure of what is offered out in pristine wilderness.

It is time to, wake up, and step with confidence into the next phase of human evolution. We must learn to reconnect to that which has been lost. It has been said we are in the midst of a major paradigm shift in human consciousness...I agree. In the last several years, I have felt the pull to not just think outside the box, but to truly step, outside the box and actively engage the brave new world that stands before us all. 

I invite anyone who wishes to speak personally with me about this vision I have for EarthRising to contact me direct at 503-502-6738. I am happy to talk with you in person or over the phone about this endeavor. This is a bold and new world for me to step into. Never have I attempted something so grand...which is exactly why my passion to see it become reality is so very charged with unlimited energy! 

The greatest adventure is yours for the taking...join me outside the box in bringing, EarthRising - Therapeutic Massage and Reiki in the Wilderness, into reality! 

My vehicle to creating this extension to my private practice will be through fundraising with,

Through personal experience with my wife and a very close friend and many others close to me including clients from my private practice, I have experienced along with them the pain, challenge and loss of what the impact of living with cancer can bring to an individual's life and all those close to them. This dear friend of mine, Christina Ahmann, told me once that she chose to use the term, "living with cancer" rather than dying from cancer, to cope in a more positive way with the implications on every level that this disease creates in life.

Before her passing she did find the love a great man, married, bore a beautiful child, against the odds and through the loving help of her family and close friends, created a non-profit organization known as, Consider The Sparrow at: Christina wished with all her heart to help those living with cancer to live their lives to their fullest through the provision of massage therapy for cancer patients who could not afford to receive a therapeutic gift of what peace and comfort, simple human touch could bring to another dealing with the effects of receiving cancer treatments. 

It is my dream and deep desire to offer the same.  I will rely solely on enlisting help by way of donation from those who see the same vision I see.  To all who may be able to help with donations, I thank you.  To all who wish to help, yet cannot donate financially, you can help by simply forwarding and re-posting this information on the website as well as my postings on Facebook. I thank everyone who helps in whatever way is available to you!  The collective force can achieve great things!